Will this 5.1 work with my PC and PS3?

I am wanting to buy a set of speakers, 5.1 for use in gaming with my PC and PS3. My PC is currently under construction (as in no parts bought yet) so initially this will be used in my PS3. Then, the desktop will be added into the loop.
OK. So I am looking at these speakers http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121050 Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround
If I understand this correctly, I would HDMI my TV to my PS3 for the video, then I would Optical out the audio from the PS3 to the speakers. Now, if this works, is it the same for the PC?
I have read that I would need some box for it to be actual 5.1, hearing things behind me, actually behind me. Is this the case? After reading for the past 2 hours I am not any better off than I was, perhaps worse so. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. I think the box you are referring to is AV receiver. And yes that is the best way to get excellent surround audio for all your devices. If you setup a receiver and speakers then you can use the HDMI out from PS3 to get even better audio quality. PC speakers can never match the audio quality of a good Home Theatre setup. Consider getting a good AVR and speakers. I would recommend Denon 1912 AVR and Energy RC Micro 5.1 speakers. If you are building a new PC then get a good graphics card which has HDMI ports and you can connect this to the AVR. AVR is like the heart of your system where PS3 and PC audio/video would connect to it. Apart from HDMI inputs new receivers have plenty of ports for Optical or Co-axial, or analog cables for older systems. But you should always use HDMI whereever possible to get the best audio quality. Anolog cables < Co-axial < Optical < HDMI(being the best connection possible). It does the decoding and video is sent to TV and audio is sent to the speakers. Google around to learn the basics of Home Theatre. Definitely worth the investment if you are interested in good sound quality.
  2. Ok, I think I understand this now. I have up to $500 to spend on this currently. I see your recommendations are around that per each, now would it be a terrible idea to go with the Z906 for now, I believe I can hook the Optical out directly into them, and then get the AV Receiver at a later date when funding is available again? I do not see any way to hook the RC micro's w/o using the AVR. So I can purchase one or the other at present. Is their a step by step product so to speak you would recommend? I would rather not buy a cheap all in one package, but I would also like to somehow utilize the pieces as I buy them, vice buying them, they sit, then months later I buy another piece and it completes the puzzle. make any sense? thank you for the advice and suggestions, please let me know if you have more.
  3. The way i see it the PC speakers would definitely be money down the drain. They would not be needed for a HT setup. So unless u plan on keeping it for another system or selling them they wud definitely be a waste..

    As for a HT setup i would get an AVR and then a pair of Floorstanders or Bookshelves(Energy, Polk, Wharfdale etc etc lotsa stuff out there just google and read up on the forums). So this would be ur initial 2.0 setup. You need to buy an AVR and speakers together if you going for this so wait and save up. After the initial setup you can get a Subwoofer, Centre channel and Rears to finish your 5.1 setup. There are wayyy too many setups possibles. Either finishing with 5.1 or 7.1 or get more components to go till 9.2(last time i checked :pt1cable: ).

    A 5.1 HT setup is good enuf and you can later add 2 more rears for 7.1 too. If building 5.1 setup takes too much time you can always get the packages like i spoke off and later add 2 FS/BS for a great setup. Remember that space and money should also be considered. You can spend more than $4000 on just front speakers if you want to. Finalize a budget and plan accordingly. Consider future improvements too. End up with a 5.1 receiver and you cannot add other components to it later. Welcome to the complex world of HT :D
  4. if you're going to just be using the speakers for a ps3 and pc then the z906 will work. i know for a fact that it will work fine with a pc and the following link confirms use on a ps3


    you dont need to go out and spend an enormous amount of money one a receiver and individual speakers if you do not want to. some of us, myself included, use real home theater speakers and love them but it is definitely a hard bullet to bite if you're on a limited budget.

    i must have spent close to $1400 on what i would call an entry level option in the professional audio world. better than htib solutions by far but in the grand scheme of things its on the cheaper end.

    pioneer vsx-30 receiver, klispch quintet iv 5.0 speakers, klipsch 450w sub, various cables/plugs/hardware.

    granted, you can easily go out and pay around $100 for a receiver and $400 on speakers and be just as happy as i am with my system. everything depends on what looks and sounds good to you.

    5.1 is more than adequate. 7.1/9.1/.2 are way more than is required for small to mid sized rooms. floorstanders or bookshelf speakers are nice but if space is a concern certain larger satelite speaker options, like the ones i have, fit the bill nicely!

    i'd sugest starting with 3.1



    you might want to start reading posts on here by me and others to educate yourself before making purchase.

    you also might want to surf the internet extensively to learn from reputable sites as well.

    you also need to decide on what exactly you want.
  5. I agree with 'ssddx', to save some money start with 3.1(those speakers are used the most anyways).

    Are there any games that use 7.1? Maybe, I didn't check! Like ssddx said for a small or midsize room 7.1 and etc are a waste.

    I say this a lot and will say it again. Go to a used/new indie stereo shop and looked at what they have used. Some great deals out there to get some quality components.

    Maybe it's me but paying $300-400 for computer speakers seems a waste but that system you linked to give some good reviews on newegg.

    Happy Listening, the Prisoner
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