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VERY unusual request for some older sys

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December 14, 2003 7:27:37 PM

Well, here goes. I have a friend who visited me and played flight sim 2002 on my comp. He was so impressed that he asked if I could find a comp just like mine so he could play the same game at his home. My comp is an 3yr old+ gateway that I've upgraded w/powerleap(1.4g), 512 ram, 20ghd,98se, ati 9000pro 64m. My comp will post ~6000 on 3dmark1. I know thats not very high as gaming comps go, but he was impressed. He has an ooolllddd emachine, 13" monitor. It will play card games. I've talked to him about going w/p4 2.6c etc for something that would be upgradable in the future and how it would probably play anything out there at this time. The cost is completely out of his range. so...he wants something that will post between 6-9000 on 3dmark1. Since I can't sell my machine to him, my wife wants it after i build one next yr for myself. Any suggests what to get and put together for him would be appreciated as I'm not famuilar with older builds, having only just begun learning myself. Thanx

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December 14, 2003 7:53:44 PM

C'mon, certainly someone has had a machine that would fit this catagory. You'd be doing an old man(me) a big favor.
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December 14, 2003 8:38:46 PM

You could recommend a custom kit, that some custom stores offer. It wouldn't necessarily have to be a high-end system. In fact, you could easily find a decent basic system that is capable of performing as specified for about $350.

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December 14, 2003 9:00:01 PM

I would buy following things:

CPU: Athlon XP 1700+/Duron 1.6 GHz/Any ~$50-60 AMD Athlon XP
Mobo: Soltek NV400-L64
RAM: 1 x 512 MB Kingston PC2700 CL2.5 DDR
Graphics card: Sapphire Radeon 9100 (250/250(DDR) clocked)

This is the best price/performance system you can buy. This rig should easily do 9000 in 3DMark 2001. My current system (AXP 1700+ oc'ed to 1800+, R9000 non-PRO) does ~7000 with Radeon 9000 non-PRO.

A 300W PSU will be necessary for his new system.

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December 15, 2003 1:40:02 AM

This sounds like just the item I need. Thank you for your time and expertise. Although I'm not sure about oc'ing as I haven't had this experience before. I'm on my way to newegg to price this out now. Good luck to you.
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December 16, 2003 3:15:58 PM

I live in the US, can you give me an example? Where to buy, specs, etc...

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December 16, 2003 3:20:32 PM

I've been loking for the mobo....Soltek NV400-L64 and haven't found anyone who stocks it, including newegg(which I prefer to buy from). Can you recomend another mobo mfg that would be just as good?

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December 16, 2003 8:29:05 PM

How does a MSI KT600 "KT6 Delta-LSR"Retail for $74.00US sound for a 1.6 Duron? Also, does 1x512 ram PC2700 run 1:1 with this setup?

December 16, 2003 9:50:40 PM

You can buy ASUS A7N8X-X. It costs ~$75 at newegg and it's nForce2 based (better than KT600).

Or if you want to save more money, then you can buy Biostar nForce2 mobo.

PC2700 CL2.5 DDR will run at PC2100 CL2.0 with 266 MHz FSB processors.

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December 16, 2003 9:54:37 PM

BTW, if you get nForce2/nForce2 Ultra400 based mobo, then you should buy 2 x 256 MB instead of 1 x 512 MB for dual channel operation and fastest possible performance. I recommended a nForce2 400 mobo earlier (which doesn't support dual channel), so I recommened 1 x 512 MB.

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December 16, 2003 10:05:00 PM

" Computer Hardware > Motherboards - AMD > SOLTEK > N82E16813180047
SOLTEK KT600 Motherboard for AMD Socket A Processors, Model "SL-KT600-RL" RETAIL
Supported CPU: Socket A AMD Athlon/Athlon XP/Duron Processors
Chipset: VIA KT600 + VT8237
FSB: 400/333/266MHz
RAM: 3x DIMM for DDR400/333/266 Max 3GB
IDE: 2x UltraDMA 133/100/66 up to 4 Devices
Slots: 1x AGP 4X/8X, 6 x PCI 32-bit
Ports: 2xPS2,2xCOM,1xLPT,1xLAN,8xUSB2.0(Rear 2),Audio Ports
Onboard Audio: 6-Channel AC97 Audio
Onboard SATA/RAID: 2x Serial ATA, RAID 0/1
Onboard LAN: VIA VT6103 10/100Mbps
Form Factor: ATX

Model# SL-KT600-RL
Item# N82E16813180047
Stock Status: Not In Stock
Rating: (avg rating out of 5 voters) Reviews: 4
Click Here For More Product Info

Price: $78.00 Free FedEx Saver Shipping"-newegg

Almost the same price and better!
a b à CPUs
December 16, 2003 11:21:49 PM

But its not in stock.
Thanks for your input tho