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Samsung LN32C540 - Solid red light

December 1, 2012 6:03:56 AM

Hey guys! I have been a browser of this site for a while and recently decided to get become an active member. Thanks to this site I have built my first Desktop and I love it. This time I decided to purchase a TV with a problem and fix it. With that being said...

I purchased a Samsung LN32C540 today. There is a SOLID RED light on the front. Its solid, not blinking. I have no remote so i cannot turn it on or off or anything. No clicking sounds. I took off the back panel and checked out the capacitors. I am not sure if the capacitors have been replaced. As I am still learning, I'd like to get some expert advice...

In the third picture down, its hard to see in the photo, but the capacitor on the right has a bolder font on the side. Possibly a sign that only 1 was replaced? (it says 35v 1000 microfarad)