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So 2 questions..

1. USB or 3.5mm jack headsets and why?

2. Which brand/model is best for gaming and listening to footsteps and environmental noises?
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  1. 1. 3.5mm. Just do it, trust me.

    2. Sennheiser. I have used most of them out there and i find the Sennheiser PC350/PC360 specifically good in high frequence noises such as footsteps in fps games. These are excellent overall quality aswell.
  2. Ok, so Sennheiser is kinda out of my price range and I heard the Steelseries 5H V2 and 7H were pretty popular and effective. I currently have a Razer headset and was wondering if the Razer Megalodon was any good compared to the Steelseries ones?
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    Forget the 7H. If you wanna go for best price/performance ratio the Steelseries V2 is your friend. Razer makes good mouses, their headsets are expensive and medicore.
  4. ok thanks!
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