Vintage energy 2.1e 6 ohm bookshelf speakers

why do companys make these speakers. they fry amps I just purchased these from craigslist got them home and hooked them up to my sony STR d1090 receiver and after about 5 mins it started flashing protected and shut off, now even with other 8 ohm speakers it will go to protected as soon as you try to turn volume up. I have several receivers that are flashing protected from my bose 6.1 speakers that were 4 ohm now another one on the pile !!!! why do these companys make 4 0r 6 ohm? m
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    A quality receiver won't have a problem with 4 or 6ohm speakers. The problem is most cheap cheap or even midfi receivers don't have a big enough power supply and adequate cooling. Even a halfway decent separate amp will handle these speakers with ease.

    The energy speakers aren't close to being vintage but they are pretty nice. They made the assumption that you have some good equipment to run the speakers. So it was a design choice to answer your question.

    If I were you, I would buy some nice separates instead of receivers. You can find some great deals at a good used/new stereo store. Plus they usually offer a 1-2 year trade in value of the priced that you paid. For example, buy an used amp for $200.00, a year later trade it in for some other piece of equipment and get $200.00 trade in value.

    Happy Listening, the Prisoner
  2. thanks for your prompt reply I have blown a luxman , a twin amp sony , a very high end pioneer receiver I have tried hooking the speakers to the 4 to 16 ohm terminals and still the minute I turn the volume up to 50% or so it frys the receivers I finally threw the bose 6.1s int the garbage and bought these 2.1e energy and now they have fried the rest of my receivers . I have a pioneer elite in my main tv room butI don't dare hook these speakers up there!!!! frustrated!!!!
  3. have solved , the 4 and 6 ohm problem , not my speakers after all it was a short in my speaker wires . changed over all speaker wiring and problem solved no more amp problems thanks for all your input
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