Advice please: how can I watch satelite TV on my laptop?

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I have an Acer Travelmate laptop with Windows XP on and would like to be able to watch TV on it. What hard and softwear do I need and how does it work? Does it use my internet connection and, if so, is my internet bill going to hit the roof then considering I'm paying per MB?

Futhermore, I'm in SA and the TV system here works as follows: there are 4 "normal" channels that can easily be picked up with a normal antenna; then we have "satelite TV" (I guess the equavalent of Cable TV abroad), for which one generally needs a satelite dish and decoder and this gives you 100s of channels.I gather there are a number of USB digital tuners out there which you just plug into your laptop, but how can I know beforehand what and how many channels it will pick up? Doesn't help I go through all the trouble and still can't watch the FIFA world cup hey?!!!

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  1. You already have your "satellite TV" installed and setup? And you just want to use your laptop to watch TV?
    you don't already have a "satellite TV" setup and you need your laptop to do the WHOLE thing?

    Without having a "satellite TV" already installed and setup at your home, or away from home, the laptop with USB or Expresscard TV tuners will only pick up the 4 "normal" channels.
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