Compaq Presario R 3000 Speaker audio intermittent

My headphones work, and I have reloaded drivers, but whether I play a cd/DVD or a youtube or a movie clip media etc etc) I get the audio intermittently as if it is catching up on the laptop speakers.. It wont play VLC or Windows Media either.
Anyway to check drivers to speakers? Anyway to verify laptop even knows the speakers are there/?
Any suggestions would be great.
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  1. It could be a variety of issues, i.e. perhaps the speakers are going bad, a bad speaker controller on the motherboard, or the cpu is lagging a bit when it comes to controlling the sound, etc... It's strange that the headphones work alright, but not the speakers, hence the conundrum. I'm a bit stumped myself. I'd try contacting HP/Compaq support and see what they have to say- perhaps it is a relatively common issue that they have a fix for.
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