How to create recovery cd for my win7

I purchase new computer without windows burt i purchase win7 for i allready in\staaled now i want to make recovery disk for my coputer system with my all programs how ican do that
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    windows 7 has a recover disc maker built in!
  2. I belive what jojo_35 wants is a system backup image with all programs installed.
    I suggest you get an image creating program like Acronis True Image, which is highly recommended by a lot of users like me. It's not free, about $50 US.
    There are some free one's around, but I havn't used them and don't know if they are W7 compatible.
    Check it out at:
    I recon $50 is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  3. Area51reopened Has it right use the built in feature in Win 7 it will backup all programes and settings. I had a problem using it the first time I tried using normal DVD+R disks and went out and got some DVD+RW disks and all went fine.
  4. To be specific, in Windows 7 you can do this:

    Start -> All Programs -> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore

    Click the "Create a System Image" link to make a backup of your entire OS partition onto another disk.

    Click the "Create a system repair disc" to burn a DVD that you can boot from in order to restore the backup in the event that your OS drive died and you've had to replace it with a fresh one.

    You really need to to both - there won't be any way to create the repair disk if your system dies, so it's as important as the backup itself.

    I've tested this by backing up my Windows 7 system and using the system repair disc to restore it to a different drive - it works very well.
  5. Shadow Protect Desktop is generally considered the pinnacle of Disaster Recovery Software,2817,2254460,00.asp
  6. I found a good tutorial about using the Recovery Tools from Windows 7. This involve creating a restore disk and using later in a recovery procedure.
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