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Hello,i am considering the purchase of a toshiba satellite laptop., at bestbuy. they tell me it does not come w/a recovery disc. how can i get one?
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  1. If there is a geek squad there, they can do it for you. Sometimes they'll do it for free, other times they will not. If they want to charge you, check out this tutorial on how to do it (it's pretty easy).
  2. It's on the harddrive. After you have set up Windows for the first time. Select the icon "Make recovery discs" Get around (5) blank 4.7GB DVD Discs ready and follow the prompts. One of the discs will be a recovery disc. Afterwards you can repartition the hard drive to get rid of the Windows Install partition or not.
  3. ojan said:
    Hello,i am considering the purchase of a toshiba satellite laptop., at bestbuy. they tell me it does not come w/a recovery disc. how can i get one?

    Working at a Best Buy in the past, here's the best course of action when buying from that store:

    The Geek Squad precinct offers a computer setup that includes Recovery DVD's. If you spoke to a Computer Specialist there already, he/she should have told you what Best Buy offers for you. The setup you'd be looking at includes:

    -A basic functionality check
    -Computer Setup with all Windows Updates
    -All security & account configurations set to best serve you as an individual
    -Anti-virus of your choice (Trend Micro, Kaspersky or Webroot) for 6 months, installed, updated & configured for you
    -Removal of all junk & trial software that is pre-installed by the vendors
    -6 months of free 'Ask an Agent' tech support via phone, 24/7, unlimited call time
    -Recovery DVD's custom tailored to your model of computer.

    It costs $99.99, and can be completed within 24 hours guaranteed, some Best Buy's can push it out the door in a few hours, or they may even have a batch of "pre-sets" ready for you to grab and go. You'll have it ready to bring home and turn on so you can start using it immediately.

    Not all computers have Restore CD creation programs. HP has one built in, Dell's come with CD's and Apples come with them, but other brands do not have an easy to find restore program or sometimes don't have one at all. If the Toshiba has one, it's buried in there somewhere. You can probably use the search bar to find it, like the WebCam software. You'll also have to go buy some blank DVD's for it, and since you're using the laptop to burn the discs, the likelyhood of them failing is probably 1 in 3. Laptop drives are very sensitive compared to a desktop. I did a copy of an authentic Windows 7 DVD once, and it was 99% correct, but the last bit wouldn't install because the laptop had moved slightly while burning.

    You may order Restore CD's from Toshiba also, if you don't want Best Buy to charge you anything. However the restore CD's from the company are $40 plus shipping, and you do not get any software, installs, support or special attention to you as a customer. If you are a novice to mediocre computer user, or you just don't really want to put any work into setting up your computer, that's the way to go when buying from Best Buy.

    Good luck.
  4. A more simpler method is to use the Backup and Restore Center from the Control Panel in Windows 7. The steps are easy and straightforward.
    It lets you create a restore image or a backup image. Later on you can restore them. More details :
  5. Your Toshiba laptop will come with a recovery partition instead of a seperate disk. You can burn that partition onto a DVD should you need it later.
    Also you're able to do a recovery install of the OS directly from the partition.
    And you should be creating your own Rescue Disks using Windows 7.
    Windows 7: How to Create a System Repair / Rescue / Recovery Disc

    Do not buy recovery disks. You can make your own for free. Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer
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