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Hello I hope someone can help me out please, I purchased a Acer Aspire One net book and need anti virus .... I was given as a gift Norton Internet Security 2010 for my laptop .... probally not the best protection but it was free my question is can I use that on my netbook or do I need special software thats super light for a netbook? The netbook is a basic one 1 gig or ram 250 gb hard drive intel atom blah blah blah ....also since I have three computers that I am able to protect with the Norton am I am able to go to there website and download the software and use my product key since the netbook has not cd drive, any help would be awesome thanks!
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  1. You might find that one of the free AV programs (Avast, AVG) don't hog so much space and performance as Norton.

    However, I gather that Norton have finally woken up to the universal pasting they get on forums and may have made their products a little leaner and less invasive.
  2. Try Microsoft security essentials. It is free, light in resources, and completely unobtrusive. Sell the Norton on e-bay.
  3. I'll second the AVG Free that fihart mentioned. However, I cannot support Avast as being "lean". My dad's laptop with a 1.6ghz Pentium M was slow as hell with Avast. I took it off, put on AVG and it sped up (for what a Pentium M can do).
  4. l&w may be right about a later version of Avast which a friend claims was large -- I'm happy with v 4.8
  5. I have AVG on my Samsung netbook.
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