PX2370 works fine at store but not at home

So i got a new samsung px2370. brought it home and hooked it up to my system, and all i get is the blinking "analog", "digital", "hdmi" logos. i tried every possible thing, including pushing the source button on the screen, but this screen just wont work, neither through dvi nor hdmi. tried restarting the pc multiple times, screen wont even show the motherboard logo on startup.
So i take it back to the store to get it replaced or checked out, and surprise surprise, it works there, perfectly. I even bought the hdmi cable from the store that they had used to check this screen, brought it back and its still not working.

My config is
x6 1090T
msi 5770.

i was using a samsung 226bw till now. a couple of weeks back i got 2 vertical green lines on it, thats when i bought this screen.
i was experiencing some electric shocks from my cabinet, there was a problem with the grounding in the wall socket and i even got that fixed today, but the screen still wont work. i tried hooking it up as a secondary display too, but the screen doesnt get detected. Again, it works absolutely fine at the store.
Can anyone help me, im desperate.
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  1. Have you tried another monitor on the PC after you tried this one? If you don't even see a BIOS screen, could be your video card.
  2. yes im still using my old screen, and it works fine.
  3. Looks like you need to get an RMA to return it or exchange it.
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