Goin to order a computer today need comments pleas

Here is what I am looking at getting I have about 1200 to spend.

Motherboard: IS7 $105.99

Processor: P4 2.6C with HT $175

System Memory: 2x 256 mb OCZ latancy series PC4000 198.00

Video Card: Saphire 9700 Pro 128mb ddr $238.00

Hard drive: Western Digital 120gb 8mb 7200 $107.00

Antec Solutions Series Case with 350 W smart power $55.00

Optic Drives: Sony Dvd-rw/+rw Model DRU510A $162.00
Sony DVD DDU1612 $31.00

Moniter: CTX International S700 (Beige) 17" TFT LCD Monitor $368.00
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  1. looks pretty kick a$$ to me...
    I did not know you could still get a 9700pro.. Great card I got one.

    If I glanced at a spilt box of tooth picks on the floor, could I tell you how many are in the pile. Not a chance, But then again I don't have to buy my underware at Kmart.
  2. Seems to be pretty good to me as well. A couple of things to consider, the plextor dvd burner is really good if you are willing to drop about $30 more for it. Several sites, I believe it was extremetech and xbitlabs, recently did some evaluations, so you might want to check them out and see if the performance is worth the xtra money. Also, I usually consider the more juice the better, so you could also consider a slightly bigger power supply.
  3. The Sony DVD Burner is excellent, no need to spend the extra $30 on a Plextor.
  4. The SONY drive only comes w/ a white faceplate. I've yet to see any after market faceplates for it. It could be hard to match up w/ your case. Unless of course your case is equipped w/ a door.
  5. Looks good But if you want Antec buy one with True Power. That's there best.
  6. I quick found the review I was thinking of. It was comparing the sony dru530a with the plextor px-708a. A friend of mine has the plextor and the nice thing about it is that it burns 4x dvds at almost 8x. From what I've seen of it it lives up to the review. Here's the conclusion <A HREF="http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1408269,00.asp" target="_new">http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1408269,00.asp</A> That by no means means that the sony drive is bad, but if I were to buy one now (though I'm currently waiting on my cdrw drive to die before I do so, and it seems to be wanting to) I would go ahead and spend the little extra on the plextor. I suppose in the end it all comes down to money. :smile:
  7. I would spend an extra $70 to go from OCZ PC4000 to PC4200. Their PC4200 is oddly cheaper usually.
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