Problem setting up Stereo/Speaker system.

My dad's 25 year old Sony stereo system finally broke last week so last night my mom and I bought a new one for him at Best Buy. He's oldschool and not tech-savvy at all so we wanted to set it up for him before he got home and we failed getting the sound to come out properly.

The set-up consists of a Denon Tuner/Amp, Denon 5 disc changer, and a pair of B&W speakers (6inch or something).

The speakers sounded amazing at Best Buy but when I tried hooking everything up I was getting zero bass and an overall "laptop speaker" sound. We only had 1 speaker attached so maybe you need both for it to work right?

The other cause of the problem could be the wiring of the speaker and the amp. We got a speaker cable which has one large rubber wire coating with 4 little wires inside (2 black, 2 red) First we had all 4 of the little wires individually attached to the speaker, then we tried having both red and both black attached to 2 of the things on the speaker.

I'm not sure if the wiring is wrong on the speaker or the amp, the settings are wrong on the amp, or the fact that we only tried having 1 speaker connected.

I've gotta go eat dinner I want to provide more info and even pictures but I will do that later.

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  1. Ok, I figured it out. The four wires inside the speaker wire are labeled either 'treble' or 'bass', I plugged them into the corresponding areas on the speakers and voila! Sounds great. I am happy.
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