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i used na acer recovery disc for my toshiba laptop. it did not work
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  1. Yep. Usually the recovery disks are meant just to work with the brand of laptop that they were made for, hence your troubles. If your computer is unusable, you'll probably need to buy a Windows disk. However, if the recovery partition is still intact, you can try and access it by holding down 0 and then turning the laptop on (keep holding down zero). If it is still there, you should be able to restore the laptop back to factory settings.
  2. Call Acer they should give you support.
  3. You cannot do that, especially using recovery disc from different manufacturers of laptop. Even recovery discs of laptop models from the same manufacturer do not fit as they were different type of machines.

    If you want to format your laptop and you don't have a recovery disc, secure all the necessary drivers of your specific machine from the manufacturer's site and grab a copy of windows. Then install the OS then the drivers.
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