PRESCOTT to debut at only 2.2 GHZ


PresHOTT may be the biggest bust in CPU history

and this was the chip TO BE KING
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  1. This NEWS is not true.

    Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  2. Look who's back!!!
  3. 90NM AMD 105 watts. That will keep me warm in the winter.
  4. Did you read that the 2.2ghz is the the mobile cpu not for desk. Also that cpu is not the prescott it is the dothan, which is a different chip(it is based off the p-m found in the centrino notebooks). We all know that that these cpu are fast for only being clocked at 1.7ghz, so 2.2ghz will be a great improvement.

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  5. Actually, a Dothan clocked at 2.4Ghz with 2MB cache will probably smoke any other Intel CPU...

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  6. The Intel Submarine...Intel has so many torpedoes after them they are keeping their head down and running fast and deep they are out of the gases that keep them afloat and it would seem they are going to hit CRUSH DEPTH very soon.

    Intel's 90-nm process ramping, readies Prescott chip

    By Mark LaPedus

    EE Times
    December 15, 2003 (10:10 a.m. ET)

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Looking to beat its rivals to the punch, Intel Corp. is currently ramping up its new 90-nm process technology, with product shipments due by year end, as previously planned, according to officials from the microprocessor giant.
    Intel is somewhat ahead of rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in the 90-nm, x86-based processor race, according to analysts. AMD has shown prototypes of its 90-nm processors, but the company is not expected to ramp up production until the second half of 2004 after encountering some process technology delays.
    Intel, which claims its own process is on schedule, initially plans to ship a 90-nm version of its Pentium 4 microprocessor, code-named Prescott. This 32-bit processor is expected to be one of the fastest ramping products in the company's history, said Brian Fravel, Intel's director of desktop marketing.

    "The 90-nm technology is up and running," Fravel said. "We have parts coming out of the fab right now. We're going to have revenue shipments this quarter," he said in an interview with Silicon Strategies.
    Intel has big plans with Prescott, which is aimed for both the consumer and business markets, he said. "We are going to ship extraordinary large quantities of the part next year," he said.
    Still, there are some issues lingering with the chip. There are reports that Intel's Prescott processor is experiencing thermal problems and is running at a whopping 103 watts. Reports have also surfaced that Intel has delayed its next-generation mobile processor, dubbed Dothan, although the company has denied those rumors. Dothan is a 90-nm version of Intel's current mobile processor, called Centrino.
    "Thermal is an engineering challenge," Fravel said in the addressing the reports. "We are pretty confident that we have a solution to address the thermal issues."
    Some believe the issues will be resolved later than sooner. "Prescott, the 90-nm successor to P4, and Dothan, has been sharply clock rate reduced, from 2.8-plus-GHz, to 2.2 to 2.4 GHz, both signs of lingering thermal issues," said analyst Rick Whittington of American Technology Research Inc., in a recent report.
    "While we fully expect Intel to steadily ease its heat dissipation/power consumption issues on its 90-nm process, its principal cost reductions look to come from a rapid 300-mm full transition in the near term with clock rate enhanced 90-nm production more in 2H '04 and 2005," Whittington said in the report.

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  7. ""Prescott, the 90-nm successor to P4, and Dothan, has been sharply clock rate reduced, from 2.8-plus-GHz, to 2.2-2.4-GHz, both signs of lingering thermal issues," said analyst Rick Whittington of American Technology Research Inc., in a recent report. """

    it said PRESHOTT AND DOTHAN not just mobile
  8. Actually, this smells like a misunderstanding. It is highly unlikely that Scotty will be launched @ 2.2~2.4Ghz, and even a poster with the four letters "pope" has to acknowledge that... :smile: So until someone more reliable than just a random analyst says a coherent and intelligible sentence about Scotty being launched at 2.2Ghz, I'm not buying it.

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  9. Maybe poopy is who sod's alter ego is... nah sod doesnt use enough caps... though they seem to be about on the same intellectual age plane in general.

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  10. That's why on February 2, 2004, Scotty will be released at 3.4, 3.2, 3.0 and 2.8A (A will signify crappy version). I'm pretty sure that the 2.2 and 2.4GHz figures are for Dothan (man, those will both be kickass).

    Damn Rambus.
  11. POPEY is 100 times better than SoD. SoD is not funny at all. Moreover he gives misleading suggestions to people who come here for help (popey doesn't try to mislead anybody who asks for help)

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  12. Actually, I'm willing to bet that no Dothan @ 2.4Ghz will be released by 1H04... this would be too strong a CPU for the notebook market. They might be capable of going that way if needed, but they wouldn't do that much overkill for nothing...

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  13. Your right about that.
  14. would probably be their most powerful CPU as well, so there really is no reason for them to release it (not that AMD or any other CPU maker is giving them competition in the battery-life oriented notebook market, only performance oriented market [which Dothan will most likely dominate anyway, or at least by the looks of the first-gen Pentium-M]).

    2.4GHz would be nice though :smile: .

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  16. Strange...
    This page tells a different story?
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  17. That's poopey for you.
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