Not sure what's the best route as far as adapters go

I have a 22" dell monitor that I would like to setup in my kitchen and mirror off my directv box in the living room. Neither the directv box or the monitor have the same kind of port so an adapter/converter will be needed. Cabling is not a problem as it will be ran through the walls and the attic and i have a decent cable collection to use from. So here's the lowdown, my dell 22" monitor has VGA, DVI and Displayport connectors. The monitor has no speakers and sound will be provided via another cable and some pc speakers. My directv box has only the rca component, rca composite ports unused. I guess I could get an hdmi splitter ( because the tv in living room is using the hdmi port) but I don't know what kind of impacts that would have on running the signal long distances.

So I ask you guys, whats the best way to convert this to make it work. I would like to use the rca component connectors on the directv box and convert it into a vga connector but so far i have yet to turn up a decent adapter to do that. Kinda doing it on the cheap also. Plz and thx.
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  1. Many devices will not output to HDMI and component video at the same time so you may have to use an HDMI distribution amplifier (a splitter will not work) and an HDMI to DVI cable along with the audio cable. If the monitor is not HDCP compliant then it may not work at all with DVI in this application.
    If your DTV box does output both at the same time then you can get a converter for $50-60 dollars and then you need a long VGA cable.
    Worse case the composite video will work and you can convert that to VGA.
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