Anyway to separate the sound?

Hi. I have my HDTV hooked up to my PC via HDMI cable, and I'm able to switch the sound source from my PC to TV. But, I was wondering is it possible when say, I'm playing games and a movie at the same time, I only want my speakers to use my game sound and my TV to only play my movie sound. I can only get it to play either TV OR PC.

But, I don't want my speaker to play my movie sound, and I don't want my TV to play my game sound

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  1. They don't allow you to do for audio what you can for video. Can't use multiple sound cards at the same time the way you do with video cards. You could play your movies with a media box like a Western Digital which could stream the movies into the TV (or use a USB drive connected to it). You would need to use a 2nd HDMI input on the TV but it would work.
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