Samsung T-260HD (refurbished) vs ASUS VW266H vs Samsung BX2450

My budget is limited to 300 dlls, I want to get the best image quality for gaming, problem is I don't know if refurbished stuff is good from amazon (the dealer has positive feedback). I want the t260 hd but I cant only afford it refurbished, I have read mixed comments about the asus, and the BX2450 is 1920x1080 but the desing is beautiful and I it's LED. Any thoughts?
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    First off refurbished items are nothing to be afraid, if buying from the right people.

    LCDs can be generally good for gaming but you just have to worry about black levels in them. The LEDs have black levels on the same level as plasmas and can have higher speeds but then have lower viewing degrees. Have you looked at any of these in person?
    I have found and worked with a website that sells both new and refurbished items, I looked at the t260 hd on there and its more than what you found at amazon but maybe there are other models on there.
  2. Actually LED monitors have the exact same contrast, response time, and viewing angles as LCD monitors because they ARE LCD monitors (usually TN + Film)

    The LED part is only the backlight. Changing a light bulb doesn't make the LCD panel better.
  3. That link is wrong.

    Response time is a measure of how fast a pixel can switch. Something related to the LCD panel not the backlight. VA panels have the lowest pixel response, TN panels have the best.

    Static contrast is a measure of how much light each pixel can block out. Something related to the LCD matrix type, again not the backlight. TN panels have the worst contrast. VA panels have the best.

    Viewing angle is determined by how the LCD matrix is arranged. Once again not related to LED. TN panels have the worst viewing angle. IPS panels have the best.
    The backlight is responsible for only a couple factors.

    Color spectrum and white point.
    White LEDs have a more bluish white point, not true white. Their color spectrum is lower than CCFL backlighting. Professional displays are mostly using Wide color gamut CCFLs for this reason. Only RGB LED backlighting has better color spectrum but you can't find a monitor with that for less than $3500.

    LEDs improve dynamic contrast since they can be dimmed to a lower point. CCFLs can only be so dim before the gas is not excited enough to produce light. Dynamic contrast is a measure of how dim the backlight can be and static contrast is a measure of how much light the LCD can block out. They are a measurement of different things. Dynamic contrast doesn't matter since it doesn't improve real contrast and people typically turn it off for video gaming since it only flickers the backlight and decrease visibility randomly.

    Finally LEDs reduce power consumption. But this is only true for White LED backlighting. A full RGB array of LEDs consume just as much power as CCFL.
  4. zd55 said:

    Wrong. LED is nothing more than backlight which replaces the traditional florescent backlight.

    Click the following link for better info on LCD monitor technology:
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