Usb to aux-in on dvd player

hi all,
I have a DVD player that has a usb port to play songs/movies from pendrive,
It is connected to a good set of speakers, so thats why I want to plug it to my PC or want to connect my ipod though aux cable with it. But it doesn't have any aux-in just like what car head unit use to have.
Is there any way to connect via USB port through a converter cable?
google showed some cable by typing 'usb to aux in' but do they work? as usb is digital & aux in is analogue.
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  1. I don't think there is an adapter that will work. If the speakers are connected to your home theater system then connect the PC to that directly. If you don't have enough inputs on that or the speakers are self powered then you will need to buy a switch to connect the DVD and PC.
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