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Static, reverbration from ceiling mounted speakers

Last response: in Home Audio
December 14, 2011 11:28:50 PM

I have a 2nd gen iPod connected to a cradle, connected to an old Sony receiver. Music from an FM station is very clear and good. Music from the iPod, on phono mode, is very bad. Static, humming etc. Thought it was the cradle so bought a new one but same thing. Can't be the speakers as music from 101.1 is good. Can't be the iPod as music directly to headphone is good. Please, at my wits end.
December 30, 2011 6:03:42 AM

Your problem is the connection via Phono.

The Phono input (I imagine a dual RCA) is very very sensitive, I understand due to the signal from a turntable requiring such. Any other device (VCR/DVD etc) is different.

I don't know the exact electronics behind it but have experienced it many times.

I imagine you experience drastic level changes between the radio and the iPod (iPod will be alot louder), together with the static and humming when amp levels are kept the same.

If you turn the amp volume right down (e.g I mean about 0.5/10 or just on) it will probably go away, or mostly so.

What you need to do is connect to an input other than phono. You might have a TAPE input on an older amp, or possibly an Auxiliary.

That will solve the problem.