What are the causes of blue screen error in windows 7?

today when i was restarting my laptop..blue screen error occured, the error was (dump memory =100).and there was some technical information also which i have not remembered..i am so confused .i want help..
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  1. Dust is the most common cause of blue screen.
  2. Well,I really need help.I was opening a 1080p video,when I had been copying a file,and my system got restarted,saying a Blue Screen Error.
    I have a AMD Sempron 145 CPU,Asus M5a78-m lx v2 motherboard,2 GB DDR3 Ram,250 GB WD HDD.
    This error has occured many times.So I'm really confused about what is happening.I have just bought the system,which is about 4 months old....
    Pls help me.Thanks in advance.
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