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Ideas? Cisco 8642HDC doesn't play nice with IR system?

Last response: in Home Theatre
December 13, 2012 12:32:37 PM

Usually I'm on the end end of these posts in the computer hardware section here at Tom's but I've come across a problem with my IR distribution system that is making me wonder if I have to start over. I sure hope not.

The connecting block is a Xantech 789-44 with a Xantech receiver (unsure the model no). I've got an Onkyo stereo receiver, Xbox 360, Sony BDP-S590, Oppo DV-980H. They all seem to be controllable through the IR system. The TV is a Samsung LCD, and doesn't seem to be causing interference.

But the Cisco 8642HDC DVR from Brighthouse refuses to accept any signals sent through the system, either through its own remote or a Harmony 550. Direct line of sight works perfectly, but if I use an IR eye, or a direct 1/8 connection into the back of the DVR (labeled "IR") it won't be controlled by signals sent to the Xantech receiver.

I know enough that some TV boxes (notably AT&Ts U-Verse) can have problems with IR systems, especially those that are not dual band. But does this Cisco unit have similar problems, or is the Xantech connecting block operate on a frequency the DVR doesn't?

At our old location we had a Motorola unit from Charter that worked fine with the Xantech system.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated, as I don't want to go stumbling around throwing money at different IR systems without knowing if its the Xantech unit or something else. This is the only unit that cannot be controlled, which is supremely irritating.
December 14, 2012 12:27:16 PM

Just to close out the thread, I figured out what was happening. First, the IR port on the Cisco 8642HDC is an OUTGOING port (how is that even useful?) which totally threw me for a loop, obviously. Second, the IR eye wasn't working because it wasn't totally over the IR sensor. When I installed it I must have not put it exactly where I thought I was putting it (not surprising since I was half in/half out of the cabinet at the time). To get it to work, I had to place the sensor for the Cisco 8642HDC directly over the "select" text next to the select button on the front.

So I got the eye working, but I'm really peeved that the IR port in back doesn't allow for direct plug in from a distribution system. Every device should have one of those, for exactly the reason I ran into above.

Anyway, I solved it, maybe this will help someone down the road.