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i have a dell e6400 with service tag: DHH7TK1-2A7B I NEED to bypass bios password please help me
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  1. You can't just bypass it. You have to disassemble it and take out the Bios battery (big as a coin and shiny you can't miss it) and you must leave it out for 1 or 2 minutes then put it back and put the pieces back toghether. Turn it on and see if it asks for password. If it still does, the internet for some tips & tricks. I just gave you a basic solution for that problem.
  2. takeout the battery works on very old Dell Laptops only.
    I bougt a Dell Master Password at
    I got it within a few minutes and works perfect.
  3. They ahve some links here to freeware programs and/or the older dosbox setup that will allow you to retreive the bios password. Might check it out and try what they suggest.
  4. I had this problem on an E6400 I purchased from eBay. Ugly. I could boot the machine into Windows 7 without any issues. However, the BIOS was locked. I contacted the folks and Mastermind IT and paid them $20.00 via PayPal. Within minutes they sent me a "master" password that unlocked the machine. It worked and I can change the BIOS now.

    Note that I submitted the form at 11:00 PM on a Friday night. The service might be a bot though.
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