Motherboard burned ,dell inspirion1525

Hello,I had a dell inspirion1525 laptop its mother board burned for 2nd time just b4 few dayes due 2 thundaring,first time I got the motherboard after a long 4 months waiting,though it was under warnattey ,this time warranttey experied what to do now.DEll support is worst one among all.It is hard to find replacement though u ready to pay 4 it.atleast it is not possible in emergencey.
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  1. So you are saying that the MOBO was fried in a lightening storm? If so, unfortunately that will happen if it isn't plugged into a surge protector. Seeing that you are out of warranty, I'd check this site out to see if you can find a new MOBO (if that is all that is wrong with it, as more of the components could have been fried):,System-Boards.aspx
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