AMD64 3200+ supports only 4 banks of memory!

For all AMD64 3200+ buyers here, like me. The AMD64 3200+ works only at full memory speed of 400MHz only if your are using up to 4 banks of memory :eek: (e.g. 2 memory modules both sides equipped). If more then 4 banks (e.g. 3 memory modules both sides equipped) are used the memory speed drops to 333MHz.

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  1. AMD is releasing a new stepping with a much more robust memory controller. Don't have time to find the link...

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  2. Same thing for intel.

    Out of desktop/laptops DDR-400 is not support there none for XEON neither for opteron.They can work if the number of DIMM is low 1 to 4.Support for DDR 333 is brand new for 4 to 6 dimm.Larger dimm number use RDRAM or PC2100.Officialy AMD support 8 DIMM with PC2700.Any any case there no A64 mothersboard that have more that 4 dimm.

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  3. Well, that's why huge amounts of memory can be obtained fairly easy (without engineering/stability issues) with a quad-channel DDR200 architecture like Itanium's.... These beasts can even be attached to memory boards (which have only memory slots and a connection to the node hub... as far as I know.) Each Itanium node can support several gigabytes of memory, as of now... Some Xeon mobos go up to 12GB of memory, anyway...

    SiS's 659 (was that the correct number?) with quad-channel RDRAM architecture also supports 12GB of memory, I believe... Were is it??? Shouldn't it be out by now? Maybe a P4EE 3.2Ghz platform with quad-channel RDRAM can give AMD a little more trouble than current i875 systems... Who knows?...

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