Architects - high spec pc on budget?

Need to know as getting lost with all these research - what pcs should I consider in my proposal for architects, surveyor, engineer and book-keeper please? Its part of my assignment to include memory, RAM, processor. 'Guessing' CAD and SAGE and high-perf.pcs for 4 staff. 4GB? Intel i7?
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  1. rosebud247,

    first things first. this should have been started in the "systems" area since you are asking for complete system specs.

    that said, we also need to have a roundabout budget to work with. keep in mind that if a little more money is spent the computers will be more future proof (and will not have to be upgraded for awhile).

    if your company must deal with any large files, spending extra money on better hardware for drafters (CADD) and anyone using programs with place a large demand on a pc is advisable. you will save out in the end since a little extra in the pc budget is still less than the cost of paying employees to sit and wait for a computer to finish thinking.

    for a CADD machine you *could* get away with lesser processors and ram, but I dont suggest it (esp. if you use windows 7/vista). For high end machines you were right on the money.. i would go with:

    i7-920 (cheaper of the bunch, good value)
    4gb minimum (6 desireable) ram
    100gb hd (if files stored on network) 500gb-1tb (if files stored on computer)
    high end professional video card.

    for a basic machine which only has to deal with book keeping, office, email... so much raw processing power is not required. You could get away with less than I mention but it is always great to future proof.

    2gb ram (if winxp) 3or4gb ram (if win7)
    100-250gb hard drive
    basic video card or integrated video on motherboard


    I work in the field, so I can tell you firsthand that you dont want to skimp on cadd rigs unless you want to lose productivity
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