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Blue screen of death questions.

Hello all, my girlfriend and I both recently purchased laptop's made by HP. Unfortunately, she did not buy hers at COSTCO, and has been getting the blue screen of death, so returning it is out of the question. I am new to the computer side of things and am wondering, is there a way to accurately diagnose this problem?
I would prefer to educate myself regarding this issue and attempt to resolve it. I haven't found any very specific info on the web. ANY help is much appreciated.

Also, this tab says I am seeking an exact answer, and I am not. ANY help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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    Hey Zarin,

    BSOD's are the most common failure in PC's.
    There are several ways to diagnose these errors:

    - Look for "STOP" code ("STOP: 0x00000050" for example), and search for related solutions in Google.

    When Windows detects a problem from which it cannot recover, it displays Stop messages. These are text-mode error messages that report information about the condition.
    Stop messages, sometimes referred to as blue screens (BSOD), contain specific information that can help you diagnose and possibly resolve the problem detected by the Windows kernel.

    - You can diagnose BSOD by analyzing MiniDump files.
    This analyzing can be done by the WinDBG tool.

    More Information and step-by-step guides about the MiniDump files / WinDBG tool you will find in these links:

    I hope now that you acquired the basic knowledge to analyze these errors.
    If you need more help, and you have more questions - I'll be glad to help you.

    Best of luck,
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