Serious Athlon 64 problems

I've just hand-built an Athlon 64 system yesterday, however, I'm experiencing some serious issues with it. I'm wondering if people are experiencing similar problems.

1) Counter-strike 1.6 (Steam), and Quake2 refuses to run but Jedi Academy, Raven Shield, NFS Underground, and 3DMark2003 runs flawlessly.

2) Cannot enable the Cool'n'Quiet feature even though Asus claims to support it. I cannot find the "CPU" under "Device Manager" to install the necessary driver from AMD. I've already enabled the Cool'n'Quiet and ACPI 2.0 options in BIOS.

3) Windows does not automatically shutdown, but instead, it brings me to the "Windows is now safe to be shutdown" screen. And when I press the power button on the case the computer shuts down HARD without any windows shutdown processes.

I'm really having trouble identifying the root of the problem. Could this be a hardware problem? I greatly appreciate any help!
This is my system spec & setup:

-AMD Athlon 64 3200+
-Asus K8V Deluxe
-512MB Kingston KVR400X64C3 DDR400
-ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
-Maxtor Diamondmax 9 120GB SATA
-Windows XP SP1
-ATI Catalyst 3.10
-VIA Hyperion 4in1 v4.51
-Latest BIOS
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  1. Problem 3 is probably unrelated and is solved like this:
    Enable Advance Power Management (APM) under Control Panel -> Power Settings.

    Problem 1 seems graphics card realted, and heres why: It seems as though only DirectX games work and OpenGL games dont! I know that Quake2 is OpenGL and NFS and 3DMark are DirectX, I'm not sure about the other games but it seems to fit. Intsall a newer version of your cards drivers and see if that solves it, besides, post what card you have.

    I don't know about problem 2 but I remember reading that even though all components might support Cool'n'quite, it might still not work becuase of problems AMD has been having with that feature.

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  2. Reinstall your operating system if you have not done it during the build.

    You cannot expect your current operating system off your current hard drive to adapt to the new hardware properly unless you re-install the OS.

    The fact that your CPU does not show up in the device manager tells me that your motherboard drivers are not correctly installed or you could possibly not correctly removed the prior ones that were already in the OS from the old CPU and motherboard.

    I have run OpenGL and Direct games off an AMD 64 with no problems whatever. In fact the current game I play (1 addiction a time) Day Of Defeat can be set in game options to either Direct3D or OpenGL and I play it in OpenGL.

    Barton 3200+ 400MHz
    A7N8X Deluxe
    2x512 KinstonHyperX PC3200
    GeForce FX5900
    Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus9@80Gig
    SONY CD 52x
    SONY RW 52x/24x/52x
    SONY DVD 16x/40x
  3. Get different video drivers. I had problems with Cat 3.8 and 3.9 (haven't even tried 3.10), so I went with the omega drivers. They work well for me.

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  4. Should be a sweet rig when you get it working.
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