Canon mp50 printer error U043

Hi folks, here we are in the holiday season and my canon printer decides it won't "gee nor haw" or whatever the expression is due to the printer error U043. It won't scan, it won't send or receive faxes. It just sits there, mocking us as we shake our fists at it since we can't print out our Christmas cards!

Anyway, we googled the error and could not come up with any kind of work around. Canon is taking their sweet time answering us, and now the clock is really speeding up.

We tried swapping out the cartridge and that didn't help, even cleaned the chip on the cartridge and on the printer contact.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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  1. Hi csillver,

    A cartridge is probably the problem; try these solutions:

    Good luck !

  2. yea we got it. Its just bogus that the whole thing shuts down if you got the wrong item in there. Whats worse, we're sitting on a case of these things, with the only notation that it doesnt fit the printer on the side panel in tiny fine print .(Enter the reading specs...ugh!)
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