Hey Guys, i need a lil help on this one cause i've gone crazy..
yesterday i formated my pc and installed win7 64-bit after having an issue when booting my pc "bootfile missing"
anyway i installed The Saboteur(game) and apparently its the reason thats restarting the pc...although the last time my pc restarted is just after quitting the game and launching Limewire.
i've been using my pc for a month now and i ddnt have any similiar issues rig:
I7 920 @ stock clocks
Thermaltake thoughpower 700W
ATI Sapphire HD4870 Vapor-x edition 2GB
Rampage II Extreme BIOS Ver.1704
Haf 922 with 5 fans and a thermaltake V14AX CPU cooler

i dont think that the psu is the problem nore the overheating cause my pc isnt goin over:
so please that i stop wasting my time on this 2000$ gaming rig that sux...recently cause i ddnt have such problems before yesterday:)
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  1. I wouldn't trust limewire. Not because it's a "bad" program but because of what comes in the downloads themselves. A boot sector problem may be the indication of malware or virus because of your usages.
  2. i installed the saboteur after formating my pc..but i ddnt format any hard drive..but the awkward thing is that i ddnt have similiar issues before:( do u think that its a malware? i highly doubt it:/
  3. and btw it only happens when i play the saboteur..i havent tested it a lot on other games..but it appeared first when i was playing the saboteur it happened about 5 times today
  4. The first thing I would do is to run a memory test program overnight, I would then try substituting the power supply.
  5. download Super Spyware remover, check the OS with it, what do you use for an A/V program, LimeWire not good- but maybe the game and 7 don't like each other
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