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I recently bought a keyboard and mouse, both of which included the Logitech Unifying receiver. My goal was to use the two receivers in two different rigs (not at the same time) obviating the need for a KVM switch. Logitech tells me this is not possible (they obviously want to sell as many keyboards and mice as possible). My question is: can this be done? If not, are there other mouse/keyboard combos out there that will allow me to use two (same model) receivers to control a single set of input devices on two different machines without having to switch a single receiver?

Thanks for any help.
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    logitech might not be pulling your leg, entirely. keyboards/mice retain a memory of which receiver they are paired to. in order to stop that pairing (i'm guessing here) you could use the connect buttons to pair the device with the other receiver.

    however, keep in mind that if your computer boots without a mouse or keyboard connecting... it might not recognize input until a reboot. if you plan on using both computers at the same time with this method.... it would get fairly annoying to have to resort to such methods (if it even works)

    sorry to say but for two computers in the same room a KVM switch is the easiest option for operating two computers with one mouse. the other option would be to have two mice and two keyboards.

    ---- take this with a grain of salt. one would think the logitech guys know their own hardware. i'd hate to see you waste money on getting a second receiver (can you even buy them?) and not have it work.
  2. Thanks. I suspect you're right. It seems to me that the hardware is capable but the firmware is crippled. I guess it's not an entirely bad thing to have lots of folks employed down at the KVM factory...
  3. for 99% of users a "swap pc" mode on a mouse would only confuse and/or hinder them. as you said, the hardware is fine but the firmware only supports one. I wouldnt call it crippled though as it does what it is supposed to do great.

    just curious... why do you not want a kvm switch?
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  5. The placement of my 2 'puters makes cable stringing difficult and clunky. Also, in my view, the addition of an extra box seems inelegant. A "swap PC" button wouldn't be required in my situation as the the machines are never in use at the time. A simple clone of the usb dongle transmitter would suffice nicely.

    Really, it comes down to a question of control. You buy a piece of hardware; it's yours. If the hardware is capable, as it is here, why shouldn't you be able tailor it to your particular requirements? Because someone down at the factory has arbitrarily decided not doesn't seem a satisfactory answer.
  6. Marked as solved, but another option might be to use Input Director.
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