I don't seem to be able to download anything

it will say not working trying to solve problem.then just escape that, and do nuthing.i think my little brother deleted something trying to get a mod for his game called minecraft. i also play this but i know how to put mods in it. i just didnt want to put the mod he wanted in it.thats when i think he tryed to do it himself. my name is Blake
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  1. Can you do a System Restore?

    Also Blake.....You should edit your post and delete your email address. A 13 year old should not post his/her email address and helpful posters will respond here.

    Good luck!
  2. alright thanks forgot about that
  3. i thought about that but my family and i have pics and work stuff on it that we cant loose.
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    If the pics and work stuff were there before your brother messed it up, System Restore won't lose them.Also, If your download manager isn't working and you have access to another computer, you can download and then install a free download manager:

    Good luck
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  6. thanks im downloading that now it seems to be downloading it
  7. i downloaded that and it still wont seem to download anything :/ we have a laptop that we could use if that will work, but this is a desktop if that matters at all
  8. now it says windows media senter not working :/
  9. Have you run a virus scan to make sure that's not the issue? I would suggest Malwarebytes or Superantispyware ( both free).
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