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i am currently having trouble deciding which keyboard i should get. Please only choose from the three keyboards i give you. I am buying this keyboard with gift cards and best buy doesnt have a whole lot of selections (Canada). All of these keyboards are around $100.

Razer BlackWidow
Razer Lycosa
Logitech G110

Please choose one and tell me the pros and cons. I play both MMORPG and FPS. I really want a good looking keyboard that has a good feel to it.
Thank You!
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  1. from what i have seen of them.. build quality among the 3 seems to be equal. I have never owned a razer keyboard (i have a mouse) but my past logitech keyboard is 5+ years and going strong (wireless too).

    the only turn-off for me is razer's rubberized finish. without weekly/bi-weekly cleaning dust can make it feel gritty. I am also concerned about how this will wear over time.
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