Can I use a Japan 100v DJ Mixer in Canada (110v - 120v)

Hello there,

I was given (as a gift) a Japan model Technics DJ Mixer. On the back it says 100v. I know here in Canada we use 110/120v.

Is it safe to just plug it in or do I really need a step down converter? I mean 110v to 100v does not seem like much but is it enough to damage the unit?

Reason I ask is I have been doing some reading and some say yes and others say no. Does anyone have the background to actually really know?

Thanks in advance everyone!
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  1. you need to step it down to 100 volts. The overvoltage will overheat the mixer power supply. It will work for a while, then fail.
  2. Did a quick check and my outlet is 120.5v. Way too high to try. More then 10v varieance is a little too much.

    Found a plug in walk type for $30 with shipping. Worth it.

    Thx for your help.
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