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As I haven't had a reply from my previous posts I assume it's because of a lack of detail.
My problem is that I have an InFocus HD projector which does not have any facility for Audio. I use an HD multi Player to play most of my HD Films etc. but the problem again is that even though the multi player has Audio out it only becomes active when the unit is switched to component out and NOT HDMI.

So does anyone know how I can somehow strip the Audio from the HDMI feed, Stereo is all I need. I've searched for any unit which would give me what I want but the only way I've found is to buy an HDMI A/V unit which costs a small fortune.


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  1. so...your player will only output sound when using the one hdmi and it lacks any other forms of output such as optical which it can use to go to a sound system? also your projector lacks any hdmi-passthrough for sound...which makes sense as its a projector not a tv?

    i know there are hdmi-to-component and component-to-hdmi boxes available but i've never heard of or seen a hdmi cable with the video lines intact and a second wire out for sound. my guess is that such a device would requre some sort of conversion box as well. in any case you're bound to have some sort of quality loss.


    a/v receiver units aren't as expensive as you make them seem. you can EASILY get a model for $100 or less from onkyo or other brands which should support hdmi. it wouldnt be top notch by far but its reasonably priced. you could then run a hdmi from your player to the receiver and then video-passthrough to the projector and run sound from the receiver.

    i'd suggest going the receiver route if you can. just get a model which has the required features.
  2. Many Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply. Will look further and see what I can come up with.


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