Sound booster for pc

how to get the best in sound production for outdoors and indoors
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    what exactly were you looking for?

    i take it you want some sort of high quality "audio system" that can hook up to your computer. if that is the case we need to know a few things. if your question is how to boost the sound using integrated speakers found on are out of luck as they are not very powerful.

    -pc speakers? home theater speakers?
    -2.1, 5.1, 7.1, other?
    -what you plan to use the system for
    -plans for connection cable.. ie via hdmi, optical out, other?
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  3. i need a soft ware that will boost the sound out of my pc into my mixing console
  4. also i need to know how best to have an outdoor sound,as in all the equipments needed to have a quality outdoor sound such as a mixing console, a graphic equalizer, a sound booster a power amplifier an effect machine and more importantly how to set it up perfectly
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