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Hi there. I used to be able to play my movies from my DVD player to my older tube style Electrohome TV but I cannot get it to work at all anymore. I have checked the connection from DVD to TV and that seems to be OK, 3 connectors (yellow, white and red) going into the front of the TV from the DVD player. DVD player plugged into power source. DVD is running but I cannot get the picture on my TV. (Admitedly I am a technophobe and so I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. :??: ) Is there any help for me? Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Check to make sure your TV is one the correct A/V Source. With the DVD playing scroll through each of your TV's inputs to check to see if the DVD is playing.

    Check to see if there are other connection ports you can use. The Yellow connection port is called your Composite Video and the Red/White ports next to it are the Composite Video's audio ports. You said you were using the connections on the front of the TV. Check to see if there are identical connection ports in the rear. Also check to see if any of the other connection options on the rear of the TV match up with other outputs on your DVD player. If you, you may want to try using those.

    For more detailed information, you're going to need to provide us with the manufacturer and model numbers of both your DVD player and TV.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Hi Wolf. Thanks so very much. I will try all those and get back to you re: the make and model numbers.
  3. Hey there Wolf! it worked! Thanks so much. I can now watch my DVDs in the comfort of my couch rather from my uncomfortable (esp. after 2-3 hours!!) computer chair. Can't thank you enough. Cheers and Merry Christmas.
  4. Glad you got it working. I know what it's like watching movies in my computer chair as opposed to the recliner/sofa. :wahoo:

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    -Wolf sends
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