Looking for a headphone amp.

Hey there all. I forgot and just posted before this but it is a different question.

I am looking for a headphone amp. I can spend about $150-$200 on it... I guess. I don't know that much about it other then headphones sound better with them.

I don't have the headphones yet but will most likely buy the newish Sennheisser HD 598... you know, those brown ones. :) I can spend about $200 on headphones.

I listen to blues, rock and sometimes classical if that helps you. I like mids and highs to be clear. I don't need a lot of bass but may be gaming on them also; MW3/BF3 and may be watching movies too. Right now I can listen to the new speakers you are telling me about in the previous thread, but I may someday move into a place and rent a room. :(

Thank you very much for your time.

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  1. You can use an adapter to plug standard stereo headphones directly into the computer headphone output jack, no amp required.
    The Sennheisser headphones include the adapter in the package.
    OR you can hook a standard stereo amp up to the headphone jack, and plug your headphones into the stereo amp. ANY amp, like an integrated amp or reciever will work for that purpose, as long as it has a headphone jack.
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