How about Opterion?

I think the thing missing from the end-of-year CPU review is game performance numbers using Opterion.

I agree with others on this forum, socket 940 is the way to go now, but the FX 51 is too much cash.

So, get everything else with 940, but buy an Opterion instead. With a nice video card I am sure the performance will be good, and last a good 1-2 years.

This is what I am thinking of doing, I already have a buyer for my 1700+ system...

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  1. Most opteron boards don't even have AGP... They're server oriented.

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  2. Opteron motherboard with agp is $489. Add registered memory and 2 cpus, and you're looking at least a grand. I would get the regular athlon 64. Newegg sells them as refurbs for $280-303.
  3. Newegg has a nice nForce3 socket 940 motherboard for just over $200

    An Opteron 144 is under $300

    So, for around $500 you get a dual channel Opteron motherboard and an Opteron 144 running at 1.8 gHz. Slower than an Athlon 64 3000+ speed-wise, but it will probably outperform it in real world with the dual channel memory, or at least come close to it. PLUS, it wil have a longer life expectancy as far as upgrades go, probably.


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  4. Yup, this is what I was thinking.

    754 could end up being the main deal and we end up not seeing any successors to FX 51, you have to take a chance at some point.
  5. Have you checked pricewatch lately? You can get an Asus board for FX that will also take an Opterion for little over $200. Even if you did get a server board, you would only put one CPU on it. On the memory, it's more money and hard to find fast modules, but they are also more stable.

    Also, check the prices on your Athlon 64 boards, you should be able to do at leat $100 better.
  6. No, no, you guys don't get it, the FX boards can also take Opterion's. I am not talking about using a server board.
  7. There is no I in Opteron.

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  8. Quote:
    There is no I in Opteron.

    BUT there is a 'I' in Opterion :P

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