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hi :ouch:

Does a Factory restore ensures a permanent deletion of the files on the partition?

if not, can i use diskwipe to do a 3-pass overwrite on the operating sys partition and then from bios run the factory image for a fresh install of win?


*i just got one partition
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  1. I believe that if you do a 3-pass overwrite, you'll wipe the recovery partition as well (unless it is a hidden partition). If it isn't a hidden partition, you'll surely wipe out the recovery image. If you have Vista or W7, you can see if the partition is hidden by right clicking on My Computer, going to manage, and then going to storage. You should see the hidden partition if it is there from here.
  2. well i just have one partition that is C and i am running XP home edition, and i tried from the folder options to show the hidden folders, but nothing show up as a hidden partition.

    so the factory restore is not good enough? m just selling it !

    Or can i make a hidden partition and run diskwipe?

  3. i guess thats the hidden partition ur talking about

    the normal 34.21gb that is ''C'', system drive

    and rest of the 2 are probably hidden ; FAT = 39mb and FAT32 = 3 GB

    probably the 3gb ones is the hidden one cus i cant c it in my computer, and it has the factory image,

    So wats the best way to do the whole thing?

    1; backup imp files
    2; diskwipe the C drive with 3 passes 34.21 GB one
    3; then run the factory image thru bios (command for me is Cntrl+F11)

    is the above correct? plz advise

  4. oh i wana run Diskwipe from desktop-from windows
    and m sure the 3GB one has the factory restore image
  5. ????
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  7. please advise me on this issue!
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