Sound problems after installing SSD

So I have recently installed an SSD to boot my OS on while my old HDD will act as my mass storage bin. The problem I'm having is that after installing my ssd, the sound inputs emit a constant white noise sound when I have something plugged into them. I've tried re-installing the sound drivers, and have also d/led the latest ones, however nothing works. I've disabled all other inputs, and have even switched both cables and input channels, but nothing works. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem is. I do an online radio show so this is really a problem for me.

Motherboard-ASUS P6x58d premium
Intel Core I7 CPU
OS-Windows 7 64bit
Realtek audio
Kingston SSD

Also, before I installed the SSD the sound was working fine, however since then nothing. Do I need to whip clean my old HDD, as I didn't remove the OS from it after I installed the SSD.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Could the white noise be somehow generated by the SSD? Try booting with the SSD outside the case with the side panel removed, the power supply/SATA cables should be long enough... long shot but will cost you nothing to try! Meanwhile I can't see how the old Windows would affect the Sound, but it will do no harm to remove it from the drive.
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