Computer restarts on it's own, is it my USB?

This is the second time my computer restarted on it's own. The first time was when I plugged in my mp3 player to charge from my USB drive.

I thought nothing of it and shrugged it off.

Second time was just five minutes ago when I plugged my mp3 player in USB drive again to charge it. Computer restarted and it seems like I have to log in my account/password again when coming to tomshardware.

Does anyone know what's going on? I did some searching and others have had the same problem. People say it might be a USB driver problem. I have gone ahead and unchecked my "USB 3.0 controller" from NEC as a startup program.

This is a new system btw. My old system never ever rebooted by itself. Everything else with this system is fine, I just get restarts sometimes when I plug the MP3 player in the USB, although not all the time.
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  1. Just to add, I have a Gigabyte 890GPA motherboard and the USB in question is on the front panel on the case.
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