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I have Windows ME. The other day I came back from vacation and my computer boots up fine. Except for one thing. It looks like it's permanently in safe mode (without the safe mode logo in each corner of the screen) so 640x480 mode. The other thing that made me think that this is in safe mode is because my USB external CD-Rom isn't working either. I want to back up my information before reformatting and starting again. I have internet access still on the pc. I've gone through the device manager and everything looks good. No errors pop up when I boot up.

What would you suggest I do??
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  1. Also, I just tried running system restore to a earlier point 4 times and still nothing.

    The only thing weird that pops up is the "ENTER A WINDOWS PASSWORD" pop up box evertime I boot up.
  2. well, did you leave the youg'uns at home while you were away, or a housesitter or anybody using it while you were gone? sounds as if somebody had some problems and tried to fix it without knowing what they were doing. i would add a slave hard drive to it and save what you can and reformat(and for the love of god go with win98SE not ME or XP)just make sure you have all of your driver discs and such, might even be a good idea to load them to the slave hard drive then format and install the drivers from there, cause you wont be able to use the cd-rom until everythings back online, just would be easier that way, you could do it either way though hehehe

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  3. I believe both your drivers video card and USB external CD-Rom are not installed properly. In safe mode everything except network(if safe mode with networking is selected) will gone. What about sound? What you can do is uninstall both video card and USB external CD-Rom and reinstall again to see they work or not before reinstalling the OS. BTW, personally I think WinMe is the worst OS MS ever designed. It's the last attempt of MS to revive Win9x(Win16+Win32), before it goes to complete Windows NT structure for consumers(Windows XP). No one in MS talks about Win9x(including WinMe) anymore. They talk more about Longhorn, Windows XP sp2, or even Win2k which comes out BEFORE WinMe. It costs too much for MS and 3th party to support Win9x structure...

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