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Monitor dilemmas

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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
December 18, 2010 2:43:17 PM

I am really having a hard time sorting through all the crap associated with monitors. Everytime it seems I have found one... turns out there is something wrong with it that makes me not want it.

I took a gamble on an AOC 27" monitor 2770vh1 ( as I could find zero reviews/feedback on it. It shows on all sites as a 2ms response time, but when I received it both the box and the monitor stickers claim 5ms... on further reading the website says 2ms grey-grey, what is this?? I am a gamer, and thats about all I do with my computer. Internet surfing... videos. Thats it. From what I understand the human eye cant really detect anything faster than 8ms... is this correct?

I am trying the monitor out... so far it seems okay. It was 250$ so it was pretty cheap.

Currently I run 2 monitors. My 'side' monitor for watching movies/extra windows or whatever is an older lg 22". nothing special. Sitting on the floor in my office is a new 23" samsung led PX2370 ( Though I like it... I want something a little bit bigger. I even tried a led LG 32"... but it had way too much input lag so that killed it.

Is there anything better out there, up to 500$.... that I should give a shot? I've seen some ASUS monitors that look night as well such as

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated! I want a monitor that I can use for years without a desire to upgrade in the next 6 months etc. lol.

The games I play are Mass Effect 2, Left for Dead 2, BC2, MW2, SC2. Im sure I'll play something new when it comes out as well.

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December 19, 2010 11:05:45 PM

after trying the AOC for a couple days I was unhappy with the way it seemed washed out. I reconnected my 23" px2370 and was shocked to see that the px2370 had MUCH better color than the AOC. So i returned the AOC.

So any suggestions on an improvement over my px2370? As I said before... money isnt a big issue, though I dont want to spent over about 700 or so on a monitor as thats a bit ridiculous considering im just a gamer lol. Games are my primary use so performance/colors are important. Viewing angles arent that big of a deal as I sit about 3 feet from it and straight in front of it.

Thanks in advance!
a b C Monitor
December 20, 2010 1:18:06 AM

About the human eye not being able to detech anything less than 8ms. I can't say for sure because there isn't really any LCD panels that can do less than 8ms.

Yes you see LCD panels with 1ms blah blah blah but that number is highly deflated and garbled it doesn't really mean much in terms of actual response time.

1ms is only for grey to grey and worst of all it is only for a single shade of grey, the shade of grey that performs best. The worst shade of grey can take something like 25ms despite the monitor advertising 1ms. Even that 1ms for that single shade of grey is a exaggeration since that is achieved with something called response time compensation which causes blurring of its own. Without response time compensation, the average grey to grey response time of a LCD is way above 10ms.

I recommend a 120hz monitor for gaming. The BenQ XL2410T isn't bad. Colors won't touch a IPS panel but 120hz makes the screen more smooth and eliminates a lot of response time compensation artifacts.
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December 20, 2010 1:41:18 AM

how do you run a 120hz monitor? when I look at the 'hz' ratings i can only see up to 60hz in my settings? is that video card controlled?? thank you for the input.. im looking into that monitor now as well!
a c 196 C Monitor
December 20, 2010 2:30:39 AM


Because you only have a 60Hz monitor. You need to connect a 120Hz LCD monitor to be able see the 120Hz setting. It also requires a dual linked DVI connection which is very common these days.

Just to expand on what Rofl_My_Waffle stated, response times of 1ms/2ms/5ms monitors can be very high. Based on some reviews I read some color tone changes can takes as much as 255ms.

Don't know much about 120Hz monitors since I never really bothered to research them, but here's a review of two; Acer GD245HQ & LG Flatron W2363D: