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I have bought an HT OMEGA Striker 7.1 sound card and I want to actually use it to its max. It has

MIC IN (3.5mm Stereo-jack)
LINE IN (3.5mm Stereo-jack)
FRONT (3.5mm Stereo-jack)
SIDE SURROUND (3.5mm Stereo-jack)
CENTER/S.WOOFER (3.5mm Stereo-jack)
BACK SURROUND(3.5mm Stereo-jack)
OPTICAL INPUT (S/PDIF OPTICAL Digital Input connector)

When I was looking at computer speakers I couldn't find any that were designated like a conventional system speakers would be. Do I just buy a bunch of 2.1s for the SIDE and BACK surround sound? And I couldn't for the life of me find any kind of center/subwoofer products..nothing but 2.1 speakers

Edit: my real question is can I use a bunch of different speakers to make a 5.1 or 7.1 system? Instead of buying a packaged 5.1? I already have this CREATIVE GIGAWORKS T40 SERIES II speakers that have a sub and tweeter built in and I love them and would really like to just expand on them.
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  1. You are just using 2.0 speakers, or any pair of powered speakers for front, rear, side, (1)center, and you need a powered sub. All these need a 3.5 audio cable input.
    Yes instead of buying prepackaged, you are buying individual speakers.

    Actually computer speakers suck badly.
    You are better off looking for powered studio monitors, in a size and cost range that fits your plans. You may need audio adapters, like RCA to 3.5 mm...
    But some inexpensive studio monitors for recording will have a far better sound quality.
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