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I have a Pentium 3 500 mhz machine and i am wanting to upgrade the motherboard and processor to a pentium 4 2.0 gig. My question is I already have a windows 2000 operating system configured to my 500 mhz. If I do the repair with the windows 2000 cd will it repair the operating system or give me a blue screen system memory dump error. I have already tried this going from a pentium 3 to an athlon XP 2100 and the windows 2000 repairs didn't work. I figured it was probably because I was going from a pentium chipset to an athlon chipset but I'm not sure. Please help!
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  1. format your harddrive. It works everytime.:)
    stick with your AthlonXP 2100+. switching from P3 and P4 doesn't make any difference. Just format you hdd and reinstall the drivers.

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  2. No trust me I love athlon and I have kept the 2100 but a friend of mine wants to upgrade with out reinstalling drivers and programs and wants everything to be the way it was before just faster. Can you do a repair if you go from a pentium 3 to a pentium 4 without formating your hard drive?
  3. P3 and P4 don't use the same drivers. What I would suggest is that he should burn all the info that he needs on a cd-rw or two and reformat the hdd. If you don't wanna do that, then try running repair after you installed all the new hardwares and booted for the first time. Remember to boot it from your Windows cd-rom. that should take care of the problem but it won't run like before since Microsoft is a crap and they don't fix errors. after you do that, make sure to make a backup or some sort and reformat your hdd. make 2 partitions - one 10GB NTFS partition for your OS and rest for your files on FAT32 or NTFS if you wish. then, you don't have to reformat the whole drive next time you upgrade your computer. Just the partition that has the driver in it. which is the 10GB partition. I hope that helps you!:)

    I'm an AMD FANBOY. Intel folks, watch out!
  4. In my personal experience it's impossible to install a new motherboard(one with a new chipset) without reinstalling windows.

    P.S. All p4 chipsets differ from p3 chipsets.

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  5. Dump windows 2k and use Win XP would be my first suggestion. Then you wouldn't have to do the repair in the first place as XP would have just loaded up it's generic drivers and waited for the new ones for the Mobo replacement. With win2k you need to reformat your hd everytime you do a Mobo change.
  6. Is he building or buying? Because the P4 2.0A no longer exist, the previous 2.0 Willy (much slower) hasn't been around for a long time. Intel doesn't make a P4 desktop CPU slower than 2.6C to the best of my knowledge, even the 2.4C's on the market should be new-old stock.

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