How to remove graphic chip geforce go 7600 from motherboard

On my Toshiba Qosmio F30 video
chip Ge Force Go7600 is dead.I see there are 8 drops of a glue in four corners of the chip.Is this chip soldered or glued to mboard?
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  1. Chips aren't glued...they're always soldered. (at least, as long as they aren't in a socket, which is hardly ever true for GPUs)

    I don't know what 8 drops you're talking about are, but I doubt it's glue. A picture could help.

    If your motherboard outputs no video on an internal or external monitor, you can try reflowing the board by baking it in an oven or using a heat gun - but past that, especially for such an old board, I would consider getting a new notebook.
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