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I recently bought a Tritton AX 720 so that I could use it with my Xonar D1 audio card. everything is plugged into the right port but most everything on my computer seems to be in mono. the only place I do have 5.1 surround is in the Xonar D1 audio center. I can unplug the SPDIF optical cable and the sound will still play so it seems that the audio is not being sent via the SPDIF port at all.

Xonar D1 ASUS audio card

Windows 7

Tritton ax 720 headphones

Intell i7 CPU

all help is appreciated. I have been trying to figure this out all day. :pt1cable:
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  1. in the xonar audio center, is spdif checked and set to PCM?

    try disabling other playback devices in Windows Audio settings to make sure audio is getting only through spdif

    I dont really trust Windows test, so try some movies in 5.1 to make sure it is working properly
  2. ok. good news. I got VLC to play a movie in SPDIF mode and it had surround but all other programs try to use a different output method. I need a way to force everything to SPDIF. all other audio devices are disabled.

    EDIT: PS. the comp installs USB drivers for the Headphone decoder box and tries to play audio through them.
  3. VLC plays SPDIF audio whether or not the Xonar D1 audio center is set to PCM or Dolby digital.
  4. I still have no solution. Though, some games report that they cannot find an audio source to output to. (all disabled except SPDIF) when I did have audio in games all the sound came from a single point which sounded like it was on top of my head.

    Edit: the green bar next to the icon that indicates that widows is outputting to SPDIF moves.
  5. well it appears that I have solved my problem. found my solution here
  6. nice to know it

    had this issue with one HDAV1.3 deluxe but solved it using the analog outputs
    will try the solution you found and see what happens
  7. Happy holidays and best of luck.
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