I will have multiple long HDMI runs - should I buy the better cable?

I am going to run HDMI from my pc to all 4 TVs in my house. I could use a 30' cable on one of them but I'll probably just order 4 of the same 50' cables since that is what is needed for the other 3 TVs. I have a good video card and I I certainly dont want to spend $1200 more to have 4 of them and have them connected all the time. I'll buy a hdmi switch or possibly a splitter (I will never want to display something from my pc on more than 1 TV at a time). How important is the type of cable I chose with this configuration?

4 way spliter:

hdmi switch:

Cable possibilities:
28AWG and 26AWG were only in short lengths. 24AWG high speed skipped from 25' to 75'. That leaves me with the options below:

p.s. what would happen if I bought cheap video cards with hdmi out of them for the other 3 TVs and connected it that way?

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    You will need the HDMI distribution amplifier (splitter) not the switch since that is meant to work in the other direction. Get the highest gauge you can and I would test the cables prior to running them to make sure that you won't have problems.
    The video boards may not be happy driving such long cables and the power supply of the PC would need to handle that many boards.
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