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Hey folks,

So I got my new P-7908u today, booted up to be sure it was functional (it was) then slapped in a second 500GB HDD. I then wiped the drives and made a RAID 0 partition to get my TB drive. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate and then went to install the drivers... and lo and behold the drivers do not exist! Gateway's site does not recognize my serial number, and if I browse for my model it shows only the P-79 Series option, not my specific notebook. And under the P-79 Series options is only an option for a 9800M while I have a 260 GTX in my machine. Can anyone direct me somewhere that I can find the correct drivers for my laptop?
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  1. Call Gateway and ask them.
    Be prepared to undo all you've done though.
    And remember to find the drivers BEFORE you make major changes.
  2. Noted. I had assumed that current version machines like this would have drivers readily available. I'd created rescue disks first, so I'm reinstalling now. But I'd like CURRENT drivers, y'know?
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